Mount Elbert Limited is an industry-leading property maintenance and preservation company specializing in residential maintenance management solutions throughout the US and its territories. With our large network of field representatives and proprietary web-based asset management platform we provide real-time results that meet our clients’ requirements every time.

With an emphasis on quality service and a results-driven approach, we provide emergency and recurring residential maintenance services for local, state, regional, and national clients. Our highly qualified field technicians ensure our clients and residents receive personal, localized services that consistently fulfill their needs and exceed expectations.

The housing industry is transforming into an aggregated model in which institutions - as opposed to individuals - comprise an increasing share of ownership. In order to accomodate portfolios of any size these institutions require end-to-end solutions in all markets, nationwide.

MEL provides those solutions through our comprehensive and hands-on approach. Through local partnerships and a rigorous compliance process MEL is able to provide national maintenance management with a personal touch. Utilization of our tenant outreach department allows us to maintain open and direct lines of communication throughout the repair cycle, regardless of size or scope. Custom-tailored product offerings ensure that clients only pay for services they need without any recurring monthly management fees.

  • Partnerships: We have long standing relationships with local municipalities and code officials across the country which allows us to provide comprehensive analysis and solutions. Our regional representatives have expertise in a multitude of fields including construction and asset management. They work directly with our field representatives to ensure compliance is achieved the first time, every time.
  • Vendor Network: With our nationwide vendor network, we are able to offer multiple solutions to clients’ asset management needs. Because MEL communicates directly with field reps as opposed to using regional order mills we provide a better ROI, produce real-time job analysis, and supply the most comprehensive quality control in the industry.
  • Scalability: No matter what a job entails, we can tailor our workforce to ensure orders are always completed on time and to client expectations.
  • “ You don’t know how much we appreciate MEL. I wish all Property Preservation companies made things this simple. Mount Elbert Limited is a pleasure to work with."
    -Tammy Goggans.
  • “Since retaining MEL the maintenance side of our servicing contracts has been a breeze their level of service combined with MyPreserv has decreased our lead times substantially.”
    -Lawrence Ternberg - IRC, LLC
  • “ We’ve been working with MEL for about ten months on a portfolio of rental properties in the Northeast region, Their system, MyPreserv is on par with larger national companies but when combined with the level of service provided by MEL working with them instead of the larger outfits is well frankly, a no brainer."
    -Wilmary Martinez - AMCA, Inc.
  • Dynamic Project Management: For all projects – large or small – we offer a single point of contact to streamline communication and establish personalized client relationships, which in turn expedites work completion. Our administrative staff has a focus on customer service and resolution that extends to our clients and vendors alike. Dedicated code violation coordinators with specific local knowledge also work to mitigate fines and penalties proactively. From top to bottom, our team is equipped to handle the full scope of your asset management needs.
  • Flexibility: MEL team members are readily available – either in the office or in the field – to address any problems or questions that arise. Our localized approach allows us to offer around-the-clock immediate response for our clients and communities at large.
  • Innovation: MEL team members, associates and field representatives receive extensive training on all current regulatory requirements, industry-specific on site training and utilize the most current technologies including cloud based services. We offer automated asset management and real-time results.

MyPreserv is an industry leading asset management software that provides a dynamic solution for your property management needs. Orders are assigned in real time to field representatives who are pre-qualified to complete the work, drastically reducing turn around times for both proposals and work orders. With real time order tracking and photo review, MyPreserv offers a comprehensive platform for homeowners and residents. You have property management problems, MEL has solutions.

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